Dillon Marina Hub Safety and Instruction


A common misconception on Lake Dillon is that the Dillon side of the marina is more exposed and therefore more dangerous than other places on the reservoir.  As someone who has run tours out of both Marinas and also paddled all over the lake in many different conditions, the truth is that when it blows…it blows hard anywhere and everywhere.  I have been gusted and blown in Giberson Bay.  I have been blown and paddled through whitecaps in the Snake River inlet.


To us, what it comes down to is safety and instruction.  We take pride in the fact that every customer gets a paddle talk.  Every guest gets a breakdown of the area to paddle to and around depending on the predicted conditions and what we see forming around us.  The truth is that there is a huge misconception that flat water is beginner and that other things are advanced.  Paddling on a body of water with whitecaps and 40 mile per hour gusts in 50 degree water is the antithesis of beginner.  At SUPCO, we respect the medium and the elements.  We believe that knowledge is power and that with proper instruction we not only try to ensure our guests have a good time but that they are prepared and capable to handle themselves if the conditions shift.


Last year we paddled out to our guests, leashed them and paddled them back.  We had access to some chase boats and pontoons from our partner, the Dillon Marina.  This year we have invested in our own.  With our own pontoon we can be that much quicker to react and get to people that may be stranded on an opposite shore.  Although the pontoon and our guides are there to instruct and ensure the well being of our patrons, as stewards of the lake we feel an obligation to assist anyone on any craft that may be in trouble on the lake.

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