SUPCO has a location on the scenic headwaters of the Colorado River, at Rancho Del Rio as well as loations on Lake Dillon and Nottingham Lake. When you book a trip you will be directed to one of these locations:

The SUPCO Dome sits on a sandy beach at Rancho Del Rio, surrounded by camping, islands and breathtaking views of Yarmony Mountain. This is the Stand Up Paddle headquarters.

Rancho del Rio

SUPCO Lake Dillon, a fresh water reservoir, is located in Summit County, Colorado, south of I-70 and bordered by the towns of Frisco, Silverthorne, and Dillon. We base ourselves out of the Dillon Marina on the Town of Dillon side of the lake.  You can park up top and walk down to the main boat ramp.  You will see our 1966 VW BUS parked there with our business container.

Dillon Marina Directions

Nottingham Lake, is a beautiful and easily accessible body of water in the heart of Avon, CO.  Our full fleet of SUPs and kayaks provide options for the whole family.

Nottingham Lake Directions