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*  See multi day trips for what to bring camping

*  For SUP tours, overnights and private lessons wetsuits and booties are provided – bring your own if you like

*  Layers of clothing that will keep you warm when you are wet

*  Choose materials like neoprene, fleece etc. – avoid cotton

*  Shoes with a good sole that can get wet but stay on your feet

*  Sandals with a heel strap are acceptable

*  Quick dry shorts

*  Sun protection

*  Waterproof cameras

*  Lip balm

*  Sun screen

*  Sunglasses (with strap)

*  Hat

*  Water (no glass)

*  Positive attitude

*  Guide gratuity, which is greatly appreciated




*  Avoid wearing any cotton

*  No flip flops or Crocs

*  Glass

*  Valuables, please leave then at home or in the car




*  To challenge your balance

*  To get wet

*  To make new and long lasting friends

*  To experience something few on the planet have

*  To dream

*  To see nature and wildlife in a new perspective

*  To learn how good it feels to paddle

*  To feel your muscles working

*  To create memories and stories for the rest of your life

*  To warm your skin on the Colorado River

*  To awaken your primal spirit

To make plans to return!



*All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.*