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Paddle Boarding Surfs UpLoving Summer in the Vail Valley

In Discover Magazine

You may have thought you’d never see surfing in the Vail Valley. Well, now that the surfing spin-off SUP is so popular, it wasn’t long before we mountain folk decided we had to give it a try.


SUP_in_SummitSummit County paddleboard tours now offered through Frisco’s Stand Up Paddle Colorado

By Sebastian Foltz in the Summit Daily

Teaching on Dillon offers a natural progression that is less intimidating to those new to the sport, Placer said. And the setting is hard to match. “There’s great wildlife and amazing scenery.”

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StanSUP_Vail_Dailyd-up paddling on the Colorado

By Stephen Kasic in the Vail Daily

At the beginning, my legs were chattering, but at the end, I wanted to do it all over again. “It is addicting,” Placer said. “Everyone wants to start off as a white belt but get to black belt.”

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SUP_at_Campout_For_The_CauseFifth annual Campout for the Cause returns to State Bridge

By Caramie Schnell in the Vail Daily

The festival welcomes families, and children younger than 13 are free. Wolf calls the vibe at the festival, which also incorporates stand-up paddleboard lessons, yoga classes (there’s a dedicated yoga tent at Rancho del Rio), hula hooping and workshops on topics like healthy eating and permaculture, “spiritually harmonious.”

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SUPCO_Denver_PostStoried honky-tonk State Bridge rises from ashes

By Jason Blevins in the Denver Post

The newly reopened and refurbished State Bridge is dedicated to expanding its mission to bolster outdoor-adventure opportunities, including stand-up paddling and rafting on the nearby Colorado River.

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Paddle Boarding Surfs UpPaddle boarding: Surf’s up … even in mountains’ shadows

By Lindsey R. McKissick in the Denver Post

Stand-up paddleboarding started in Hawaii, where traditional surfing also laid its roots, but paddling has made a name in the Rocky Mountains on lakes and rivers.

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