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The beautiful and renowned Colorado River is the perfect place for your family to enjoy an adventurous outing in the majestic Colorado outdoors. All tours meet at Historic State Bridge. All patrons are met at the State Bridge store where they check in, fill out waivers, get fitted with equipment, pay for the tour and get picked up by the shuttle van that will take them to the starting point. This section of the river is ideal for families with young children and diverse age groups and athletic abilities. It is a perfect adventure for a family reunion where children as young as 4 and adults of any age can share a memorable moment on the river. It is also the perfect place to test yourself and your family before trying something more challenging. There are rustic abandoned cabins from the turn of the century, a hot spring on the side of the river and a scenic wonderful float with Bald Eagles and other wildlife that can arrive at any moment.

The full day extends another 6 miles for a total of 10 miles, and you get to enjoy rapids like Yarmony and enjoy a delicious lunch on the side of the river. There is a hike as well, where you can see fossilized footprints of Dinosaurs. After the trip ends, there is a shuttle van that picks you up and takes you back to State Bridge where you can enjoy the rest of the afternoon or early evening, grab a bite to eat, enjoy live music, if there is a show, or enjoy happy hour.