BLOG – SUP Stoke Pre Season Deals

A couple of weeks ago I stubbornly and insistently strapped a paddleboard to the roof of my car and went to Evergreen Lake to try to get a paddle in. Maybe it is my South Floridian naïveté or maybe it was me not wanting to admit to myself that it was December, but my plans were thwarted by a thick blanket of ice that covered the whole 835 surface acres like a fitted sheet. This got my wheels turning and, of course, went back to thinking about our 2012 season and how fortunate we were to have enjoyed the summer we did. With the holidays around the corner we would like to extend to you a gift opportunity so that you can treat yourself, your family, your coworkers…whomever you feel compelled to share with, the gift of SUP.

SUPCO's Scotty leading a riverside jam session

SUPCO’s Scotty leading a riverside jam session

The Deals:

1. Our 3-3.5 instructional tours, that are never more than a 4-1 ratio, typically sell for $99. For this holiday season we are going to offer it to you for $50.

2. Buy 2 Tours for $99, Two for the price of 1 and come out with your spouse, significant, daughter, son , whomever you choose. Bundle and get the deal for the whole family, office, bachelor party and give the gift of SUP. You are free to use this one for yourself, or, use it all at once and bring someone with you.

3. Our Season Pass…in the spirit of the Mountain Resort Ski Pass we are offering you one that does not require a lift ticket. Usually for $249.00, we are discounting by $100 our season pass, to come out and rent boards from us whenever you want. It is an all access pass to our boards for the whole summer. Some restrictions do apply but if you want to try different boards, run the sections we have, then for $149.00 you can do all the paddling you want all season long with access to a board, paddle, helmet and pfd.

The Details:

Follow the links associated with which one you want to purchase. For the sake of simplicity, pick the current date you are purchasing the deal. We are obviously not suggesting that we will take you on the river in December. We will email you a confirmation and we will mail you a certificate that you can use as a stocking stuffer or gift. You are more than welcome to purchase all 3 if you like. The Season Pass is non-transferable, meaning, it has to be used by you or the person you are buying it for. Whomever we attach the pass to, will be the only person that can use it. The 2 for 1 and the $50 tour is only for our Rancho to State Bridge section. Our tours are guided and instructional and help you build a foundation to be a better paddler.

We hope you have a great holiday season, early winter and are praying for snow like we are. We look forward to exponentially building off of what we did last year and offering an even greater experience and service. If you don’t feel compelled to take advantage of the offer, we appreciate you sharing it with people you may know. Thank you for your patronage and support. You really help make our dreams possible.

PS:  Book now and you will get a private headstand lesson from our very own Joey Saputo

He can show you his SUP tricks personally!

He can show you his SUP tricks personally!