Stand Paddle Board IntroductionStand Paddle Board IntroductionStand Paddle Board Introduction


Stand Up Paddling is a sport for all ages and interests.  Whether you want to experience ‘walking on water’ at a leisurely pace, work on balance and strength, clear your mind or tone your core, this sport is for you. 


Take a river tour down the scenic Colorado River.  The trip starts down a mile stretch of playful Colorado River from our SUPCO Dome at Rancho del Rio, before encountering a few small Class I and II rapids to test your balance.  The trip takes you through some of the most scenic river country in the West – around sandy islands, abandoned mining cabins and along the Union Pacific Railroad.

The tour wraps up at the State Bridge Landing, across from the State Bridge Riverside Amphitheater where you will meet the shuttle.  State Bridge is an amazing place to hang out on the weekends and share stories while catching live music, having a cold beverage and feasting on some Moe’s BBQ.

See why stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing sport in the world!