SUPCO launches!

Stand Up Paddle Colorado launches!


We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to launch the first dedicated Stand Up Paddle outfitter on the Colorado River, and one of the first in the West!  It’s a dream that started to become a reality when I met Javier Placer last spring at State Bridge.  Javi has been guiding internationally for over a decade and is one of the first river runners to jump on a stand up paddleboard over 4 years ago on the Arkansas River.


I was instantly hooked on SUP’ing 3 years ago and have dedicated myself to bring the sport safely to so many interested friends and family and newcomers.  Over the last few years so many have approached me to teach, borrow boards, and just try this sport on the rivers.  After each introduction of the sport to someone new, every single person was hooked.  All the smiling faces, happy spirits, and kid like enthusiasm further pushed me to take the sport to the next level.


Our goal is to provide a safe and unique experience to every visitor, we feel so blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy the Colorado River and her surroundings and we want to share the love.