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Take on Lake Dillon in Style!
  • - Paddle Boards
  • - Single & Tandem Sit on Top Kayaks

We have a full fleet of boards and sit-on-top kayaks available for you or your family/group. The minimum rental block is 2 hours.

Our tour on Lake Dillon is an inclusive clinic/paddle that really focuses on instruction and paddling technique. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate paddler that wants full on instruction, or company and safety while you paddle on the lake, this tour is perfect for you!

Tour begins at 9AM with an onland safety and paddle talk. We proceed to the water and do a 45 min-1 hr paddling clinic. After the clinic we paddle out to the Snake River Inlet, or take the pontoon around the islands and then back to the Marina.

We start the tour early because generally that is when the weather is the best. SUP Lake Tour 9am (2-2.5 hours) Dillon Marina HUB Instructional tours include: Equipment, Personal Flotation Device, Safety Talk and Paddling Clinic. The amount of ground covered by the tour is completely up to the guide depending on paddling ability of the group and the conditions on the lake. Duration: 2½ hours. $89.00 /person

Children under seven may be too small to paddle along on the regular SUP Lake Tour. Please feel free to book a private trip and we can cater to the specific needs of your family group as well as provide necessary attention and instruction to the smaller paddler.

The advanced option is scheduled for the afternoon because the mountain weather tends to shift and make conditions a little more challenging. With the dynamic conditions on the lake, we can really take the recreational paddle to a new level of fun and challenge. With the mountain winds we can many times provide a unique Rocky Mountain Downwind - allowing you to cruise at faster speeds. We also have assistance from our pontoon boat, which is included in the price of the advanced instruction, tour and board.

Duration: approx 2½ hours. $130.00 /person

Key Points

  • Access to best boards in the industry for training. (Starboard, SIC Maui, BIC SUP)
  • Access to equipment 6:30am-8:30am 2 determined days a week and 5pm-7pm 2 determined days a week, Monday-Thursday
  • Pontoon assist included for downwind and training
  • Predetermined workouts and paddling


The Colorado SUP Tribe is a training club for people interested in taking their paddling and conditioning to higher levels. We are striving to build community and create an inclusive place for paddlers of all abilities to gather and have access to training routines, coaching, and some of the best boards made in the industry.

The price includes all the access and training for 8 weeks from June 15 till August 15.. There will be 2 After-Work sessions as well as 2 Dawn Patrol sessions a week. There will be a coordinated workout and training sessions on those days and we'll be following an 8 week race and conditioning program.

Now that the preteens and teens have shown up and got their foundational skills down, we kick it up a notch. In this camp we do drills to refine skills and get them prepared for competition. We have the whole lake at our disposal and we will follow a training plan that pushes them physically and stretches them to grow.

This camp is a 5 full day intensive. All gear is included as well SUP training and mindset work for competition. They have access to the best boards and designs in the industry (SIC Maui, BIC SUP, Starboard). Each attendee will get video analysis and feedback session. We attach to the boards training tools that give them printable content of their improvement so that they we can share with them and have feedback to offer.

Attendees are required to bring their own lunch, snacks and water bottles. They should be prepared for high levels of activity as well as some classroom time going over strokes and strategy.

We are going to have 2 weeks where this camp will be available this summer. Remember that the fundamentals camp is a prerequisite. The dates for the camp are June 26-30 and July 24-28. A detailed itinerary will be sent to each attendee a week before camp starts.

Key Points

  • 4 Video Analysis sessions
  • Access to Top Equipment
  • Training Plan
  • Skill Assessment


Four 2-Hour coaching sessions split throughout the summer which include strategic training plans, monitoring, and measure of improvement. Video, Data, Metrics for stroke per second, distance per stroke. One-on-one coaching that maximizes time and resources to ensure your paddling improves substantially and at your comfort level.

SUP & Kayak Rental

SUP Boards

Standard board

2 hours - $45

Single Person Kayaks

One person - Sit on Top Kayak

2 hours - $45

Tandem Kayaks

Two person - Sit on Top Kayak

2 hours - $55

SUP Tours

Beginner & Intermediate

2 ½ hours - $89

SUP Tours – Advanced

2 ½ hours - $130

SUP Programs

SUPCO Tribe (Adults)

Tribe Memebership - $750

Advanced SUP and Race Camp

Ages 11-17 - $800 per person

Summer Private Coaching Package

Four 2 hour sessions - $850