Joey Saputo


Joey is from  Newtown, Connecticut originally and has lived in Vail Colorado for 9 years now.  Off season surfing trips weren’t long enough to satisfy him  so when the opportunity of Stand Up Paddle Boarding came to the Vail Valley, he immersed himself into this new sport.  He has always been attracted to water sports since a young age. He first tried Stand Up Paddle boarding on the Ocean 7 years ago in Costa Rica and enjoyed the challenge and workout it offered.  6 summer’s ago he tried SUP on the Colorado River and fell in Love with the sport.  He enjoys the physical challenge that the sport brings, as well as teaching people a new sport!  He loves traveling and meeting new people and is very excited to be apart of this emerging sport.

Joey recently started a winter operation in Nicaragua at the Big Corn and Little Corn Islands.  They are on the Caribbean side and he offers rentals, lessons and SUPSQUATCH tours.  For more information on his outfit and availability please check him out at Stand Up Paddle Corn Islands.